Yummy, Gorgeous, Fit Chicken (You can thank me later…)

OMG this dish was soooooo good I couldn’t wait to take a “nice” picture before I ate it up :)

This is another dish in which I just didn’t measure but I think it would be difficult to mess up… here’s the “recipe”:
-4-6 oz chicken (1 serving but feel free to adjust for more people – I was using left over grilled chicken)
-red and green pepper slices and onion diced (our grocery store carries a pepper/onion frozen mix that I use)
-2 heaping spoons of fat free sour cream
-1 oz reduced fat feta cheese (I also tried gorgonzola and it was yum too)
-big squirt of Sriracha hot sauce (I used a lot and it still wasn’t that spicy – gives it that gorgeous color too!)
-black pepper to taste

Let chicken and peppers warm and soften just a bit, add other ingredients, simmer for 5-10 minutes (if chicken is already cooked)
It’s so good – you can reply to this email/blog post to thank me later :)   And feel free to SHARE!

*I also put all of this in a pyrex and microwaved for about 1 1/2 minutes and it was just as yummy but harder to use frozen peppers in that case*

Ideas – mushrooms would be OMG good, can be served over rice, potato, tons of squash, pasta, spinach


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