My Lunch… and how I ended up eating THAT!

I wanted to tell you the story of my lunch… sounds a little weird but as I was making it, I thought it was a good application of things I’ve learned about eating in my new lifestyle and how my mind works when I am coming up with meals.

My plan for lunch was a sandwich around 300 calories to fit into my current daily goals.
I ran out my low cal bread and started to make a sandwich with the wheat bread we had until I added it up and it was 50 extra calories :(   Doesn’t sound like a lot, but surely you read my post about cookie math??).
Anyway I decided I’d rather spend those calories on something more wholesome and filling and nuked a small red potato (did not ever realize that red potatoes have more natural moisture than brown baking potatoes – making them much easier to eat without adding butter, etc).
I still had no meat defrosted or left over so I was still going to have to incorporate my ham lunch meat.  Grabbed 3 slices of that and chopped it up.  This would only give me 15 grams of protein though, and I aim for about 30 per meal.
I know – I’ll grab some fat free mozzerella – that has tons of protein.  Nope out of that too.  But while in the fridge I spied the cottage cheese.  Usually this is reserved for baking and sometimes making a cream sauce that I love so much but it wouldn’t hurt to try it on top of my potato – it’s packed with protein too!
So potato is done, I chop it up and top it with ham and 1/2 cup cottage cheese and microwave for another 30-40 seconds to heat the ham and cheese thru.
It looked sort of bland so I grabbed some spicy seasoning from the pantry and sprinkled it and ta-da!  It actually turned out pretty darn yummy!!  And moist despite having no fat or butter or added oils or sauces :)

Total time – 5 minutes – 320 calories and 28 grams protein for a hefty serving – and yummy to boot!

The only thing I should have done was add a side salad or some broccoli but I ate a ton of it yesterday and got broccoli-ed out :)

Awful phone camera but here it is:

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