You choose…

*I wrote this last year but it is especially fitting today so I updated and am sharing again!*

Today’s fit lesson is a life lesson… and life lessons are not always happy or inspiring or empowering – sometimes they MAKE you choose to be those things IN SPITE of the circumstances.

It’s the 20th anniversary of the single most devastating event in the history of our family as I know it… a loving and innocent and wonderful person was taken violently from our lives  – the very definition of a tragedy.  The event that took her from us makes you question humanity, the purpose in life, and has the potential to suck the happiness, joy, light, love, trust right out of your life and replace it with sadness, bitterness, hatred…

Events like this change you – it is impossible for them not to.
But this woman’s entire life was grounded in love, happiness, laughter, family and to deny those things would surely be a disgrace to her memory – sad and bitter is not a way to honor the light of life that she shared with us…
and so I learned to CHOOSE - to choose memories that are wonderful and pleasant, to focus on the love and laughter we shared, to allow her life – not her absence- to be an ever present gift to my life… and to choose to give as little attention and focus as possible to the horror and hatred of that singular event.   This is not always easy, I learned I am capable of deep sorrow and a hatred equally deep and fierce, but these things do not define me (or my memories of her) – *I* choose what defines me!

I also CHOOSE what lessons I learn – her life held a lot of lessons a teenager might not understand – like how to love, how to appreciate other people’s differences, how to laugh especially when it is not appropriate, that the joy and substance of life are the people in it, that you can be a good human being no matter how much money you make, your waist size or how much “good fortune” you have.  As an adult, taking heart in those lessons makes me a better person, but it also keeps her with me, and so I will remind myself of those lessons as often as I can :)

I said earlier, life lessons are not always happy or inspiring or empowering – but she sure was, so I guess you can find empowerment and inspiration in unlikely circumstances :)

Now how this fits into a lesson for a health and fitness – I think you can figure that out on your own… but things will happen that are completely out of your control, you will cross many things that make you question your purpose, whether it’s worth the effort, difficulties that make it “unfair” that it might be harder for you than for the person next to you…all you can do is react… react in a way that makes you the person you want to beand then *YOU* CHOOSE!

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