My Getting Fit Workout Journey

Since January of 2011 I lost 60 lbs and, as I explain in my intro post, much of that has to do with food – exercise certainly helps but you cannot out-exercise a box of donuts ;) (actually it’s pretty difficult to out-exercise one donut if we are being honest…)
BUT an important component of getting healthy, burning calories, toning and shaping my body and building VERY important muscle is the EXERCISE, and I was asked on Fit-ographer facebook page what sort of workouts I did when I began… so I thought I’d lay out my Workout Journey!

Working out is a journey too – just as with food – I was not ready to jump in the deep end with all the good for you food (like whole grains and not cooking from a box), I had to ease into it as I read and learned and tried new things, which gradually changed my taste buds (really! who would have thought my fav breakfast would become oatbran!?)

SAME thing with exercise – I was not ready to commit 6 days a week to the gym, was intimidated by the weights in the gym, watched some popular exercise DVDs and said “no way in hell my body is gonna do THAT!”  I had to ease into it… NOT saying I only did what was comfortable for me, but I took baby steps over the line of comfort or what I “thought” I could do.  In fact, most things I had to try on a “dare” – granted, I dared myself but still…

My workout journey:

  • Jan – April – the beginning – 3 to 4 days a week I got on the elliptical for about 15 minutes and then did some simple strength exercises (mostly the machines for thighs, hamstrings, inner thighs) for an additional 10 minutes.
  • May -August – my introduction to Jillian Michaels and what it means to push yourself (and sweat!) – 30 Day Shred twice thru, followed by No More Trouble Zones and Ripped in 30
  • September – October - facing one of my fears as a challenge to myself- Learned to run using C25K online,  “off” days were some more Jillian
  • November – present (I entered a weight lifting transformation contest with some other girls so I quickly learned to use the weightroom – scary, but I found my new passion!) 4 days a week lifting weights (good ol squats, bench press, lunges, shoulder presses with dumbells and bars) and 2 days doing intervals on treadmill (sprint/walk/sprint/walk)
    This book brought a whole new understanding for me as far as working out and eating goes… (AND they host a twice a year contest that I mention above!  they have a SUPER cheesey sales page but I promise the info is the most awesome I’ve read!)

Now don’t take this to mean this has to be YOUR journey – you can do what you enjoy and what excites you, and you may have to try a few things to find this.  And it may change over time!   My mantra used to be “my body just isn’t built for running” … and then I ran…  I NEVER saw myself being a bodybuilder but I fell in love quickly once I tried it ;)

Having said that – did you read my post on EFFORT?  Whatever it is you try, I really do think that if you expect it to make changes to your body and your health, it has to take effort.  A stroll around the mall is great and better than sitting on the couch, but it is not exercise ;)
(and I say that with a compassion and understanding that you cannot fathom…because for many years I uttered too often “we walked around the mall for like 2 hours – that’s my exercise for the week” – I’ve learned this year, there’s a difference…)

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