Winter bikini!

I CANNOT BELIEVE what I’ve done!  I am entering a holiday challenge (sponsored by the authors of this book) to get ripped*!  really???  It scares the heck out of me that my goal includes the term “getting ripped”!

And the challenge runs from before Tgiving to the day after New Year’s – did all you dieters calculate that?  That’s 3 of the worst food holidays…and I choose to go on a challenge…. oh my!
{if that doesn’t inspire you to eat a salad or put down that Milky Way I am not sure what will!}

Now for the fun part – before and after pics are bikini clad – yes in the dead of winter but the embarrassment will surely keep me warm don’t you worry :)   and we post them for all the challengers to see (you guessed right if you were thinking that a good percentage of people challenging to “get ripped” are already pretty HOT!)… what have I done!?

I’ll make a deal with you though – when we reach 100 subscribers to the blog I will post my bikini before pic and when the challenge is done, I’ll post the after!  If you are really nice I may even show you my before, before pictures!  so go grab a friend to subscribe :)

I am off to go buy my very own pair of those goofy looking gloves they use for weight lifting – heehee

*if like me a short time ago, you are not familiar with the term “get ripped” -  google it and then have a good laugh at my expense*

**update – I did not win said challenge (but did share pics here), unless you count some new best buds AND some awesome self-confidence!  oh yeah and a new found love for weight lifting and bodybuilding – watch out!!**

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