Warrior Dash! 5K Obstacle Course

Oh my gosh – detour from the surgery posts for just a minute!
I forgot to post about my Warrior Dash!  It was such a proud moment -  I signed up for this 5K muddy obstacle race as a surprise for the hubby many months ago … intimidated because I had not yet even learned to run at that time!  But hubby does marathon and sprint races so I was trying to do something “together” :)   It looked like such fun and with my fitness journey taking me to weight lifting it turned out to be right up my alley with the obstacles :)

I’ll admit when we signed up I thought the obstacles were just “for fun” – but those things were no joke!  If you lost footing after climbing up a 20 foot wall you were gonna hit the ground – many a mudder was flat on their backs too :( ouch!

The Warrior Dash has an atmosphere all it’s own so it was really energizing (and a little strange) to be amongst the LARGE athletic crowd (over 7000 people went thru that course!)… and I was gonna be really happy if we finished and hubby was neither embarrassed nor pissed at me for being so slow :)   We surprised ourselves and finished in 46 minutes!  not nearly at the front but hey we got in the top 20%!!!  and we (meaning the hubs) only took a nose dive off one obstacle!  Luckily it was water, not mud or fire :)

They travel all over the world and it is such a well organized and established event I highly recommend signing up for one in your area if you can!  You and the hubs or your gaggle of girls – it would make a great day out!!  THE big thing is to run in costume and since our race was on St Pattys Day I cannot even count the number of leprachauns I saw that day!   – I wasn’t ready for that – maybe next year!

we didn’t have any cameras there during but ran into some friends afterward :)

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