Vacation??!! Fitness??!! oh my…

Going on vacation…It’s a topic that can incite fear or rebellion among people trying to “get fit”.

People see one of 2 options -
A. be “good” and have no fun
B. throw caution to the wind and have a good time, promise to make up for it later (but don’t)

The problem with A is … well… vacation is supposed to be fun!
The problem with B is it’s fun while it lasts and then you are filled with regret at how much farther away from your goal you are… sometimes spiraling into giving up all together :(

But the real problem is those are NOT the only options!!!

Case in point – hubby just surprised me with a trip to New Orleans for early Valentine’s!

he ate one, I took 3 bites and the rest went to beignet heaven :) so proud of hubby! (did I tell you it was LITERALLY freezing while we were there!)

Living this lifestyle for a while I already knew that a vacation wouldn’t be an issue for me… because I have learned these things:

Pick and choose – you do not need to indulge at breakfast, lunch, dinner AND the night life.  Choose which are the most “fun” for you and make that your indulgance – the rest of the time you need to behave.  On my trip I decided that the most “fun” for me was dancing and drinking adult beverages and a midnight stop for fried  food before heading home.  This meant that I ate my packed oatmeal and shake for breakfast, a lean turkey sandwich for lunch, protein bars for snacks and some meat and veggies for dinner.   For some people tasting the local cuisine is more interesting than the nightlife – so choose lunch or dinner to splurge on and be good the rest of the day.

This was my indulgance for the day :) nobody said it had to be classy!

Fun does not have to be about food – you can spend time with a loved one just as well over a chicken dinner as you can over a pasta/sausage/dessert dinner.  A 3 hour walking tour around the city (don’t forget to pack your snacks) is even more intimate than sitting in a loud restaurant – so do that instead!  Vacation is about spending time, not about  the food (unless you are at your one indulgant meal – and if so then you better savor every bite!) it’s about the time you are spending, the memories you are making.

the things you'd miss if food was your only "fun"

Bring your own options – our hotel had free breakfast and sometimes I can get away with that as they are starting to serve healthier options.  This particular spread did not have enough protein for my breakfast and the only oatmeal served was sugared so I was happy I made the time to fill up some baggies with my own breakfast.  And the snacks – every time we left the hotel I put some in my purse and am glad I did.  After walking around the city for 3 hours straight I was going to eat something – glad I had a plan!  Even on the car ride over there, hubby and I were eating cinnamon protein bars instead of snickers and funyuns from the gas station :)

Your body does not know it’s vacation – you don’t get a free pass from how your body will process bad foods or too much food – if you have a goal out in the distance remind yourself of how important it is to you, and not just when it is convenient or more “fun”.  I’ll tell you what was “fun”… fitting into my skinny jeans when I got home from vacation!!!

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