Typical day’s menu…

I was asked to share a typical daily menu of foods that I eat to stay in calorie range and make sure to get a good ratio of carbs, proteins and fats.  Keep in mind that everyone’s optimal calorie ranges are different AND there can be special considerations like allergies or sodium consumption which I do not have.

I try to eat whole foods and good, solid meals, but I am also practical – sometimes this girl feeds her family dinner at SUBWAY.

I have a sample menu listed here using real, practical food (scroll down the page for the downloadable file) that I would recommend as a starting point while someone is trying to get a handle on counting calories and protein and which foods have what – it’s also a gentle entry into the  world of eating for fat loss since it can be overwhelming to try eating 4 oz of chicken, 1 cup broccoli, 4 oz of brown rice at every meal when are used to ordering sandwiches :)

Below is a 5 day sampling of my food log (this is not how I recommend eating or what I think is a good PLAN, this is my actual food log with less than ideal choices and all :)   ) **please contact me to let me know if it gives an error when opening**

5 day sample of my food log

Some recipes you might be interested in looking up :)
Pancakes (I’ve actually taken quite a liking to quadrupling this recipe and putting it in a 13×9 pan to bake at 375 for 30 min and cutting into squares to save in the fridge)
Homemade Chocolate (I use this because it’s good AND to help me get my healthy fats up)

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