Turning 40…

Somewhere along the way, instead of dreading 40, I decided to celebrate it, invite it, make it fun!  So I am not worried at all that TODAY, I am FORTY YEARS OLD!
That’s right – this girl is 40.

I am saying it a little too much now, and worrying that I have awaken a subconscious fear… uh oh :)

I wish I was inspired to tell you all the things about 40 that I hope will be wonderful, how my philosophy of life has changed, how I’ve mellowed and learned to accept and love all things, that I have a deeper understanding of life and love and what make the earth go round…  some of that might be true, but I am not particularly inspired for that deep thinking of a post haha.

So I’ll just randomly ramble on about my thoughts on making it just past “the back side of 30″ ;)

First and foremost, you can’t wear an awesome tshirt like the one above UNTIL you are 40, so nuf said on that one… :)

So – I stumbled across an epic comparison picture of when I turned 30 – it wasn’t my birthday but it’s from that year.  {We were driving back from a camping trip so excuse the exquisitely poor choice in clothing, which accentuated and exaggerated every flaw possible haha}
Since this is, after all, a fit blog – I’ll just say it – I am a lot more happy with my physical appearance (and fitness) going into my 40s!


I wouldn’t give up my 30s for anything – look at those tired camping babies – my 30s gave me many happy memories being their mom and I’d never trade that :)   I kinda wish I’d done it in healthier fashion but ya know… there’s a lot of livin’ and learnin’ in those years :)

I am much more fit and STRONG as a 40 yr old!
EVEN THOUGH I am a whole decade older, I could never DO badass stuff like this at 30 (or 20s for that matter)!


I earned this self portrait!


And this ;)

Also, at 30 I was stuck in a job that treated me well but was eating my soul away… at 40, I both work for myself as a portrait photographer AND (inspired by my new fit life!) am back in college learning about the health sciences :)

My marriage is better, I finally got those braces off (yep I had those at 30 too), I care less about whether I forgot to shave my legs when the kids wanna head to the pool (or the hubs and I get an unexpected date nite!) ;)   Besides most of my friends are already in their 40s, so I’m still the “young” hot thing!  I kid, but seriously, those ladies show me daily that 40 is reserved for the strong, the brave, the kind, the dreamers, the do-ers…
And I didn’t bat an eye when I explained to my professor that I’d need alternative lecture notes because my butt would be in the sand in Puerto Rico celebrating 15 yrs with my husband, and 40 years with myself  in just a few days :)

Overall, I think this 40 thing isn’t gonna be too bad… of course I am going out tonight to celebrate with a few friends and beers, so ask me in the morning if I feel the same way HAHAHAHA


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