Transformation Tuesday!

Happy ‪#‎transformationtuesday‬!


Today I wanted to share the story behind the transformation  – what I did, what I learned, what helped me to make this transformation :)

So you get 3 versions:
1. spelled out version – I wrote this at the end of the first year, exactly what I did, I’ve learned some and changed some since then and you can read that stuff in later posts ;)
2. quick tips to just get started – simple lessons to start using right now to get you started
3. The absolute, bare minimum – if I had to distill what I learned for transformation down to 1 concept

and then I encourage you to scan this quick list of posts – if you haven’t been reading the blog from the beginning days (gasp) you might have missed some super awesome, wise advice (or at least wiseass advice!)

**if you see a post that really resonates with you let me know (just hit reply) so that I can highlight it for someone else!!**

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