Tomato-cheese-mushroom gravy over pork chops!

Tomato, cheese, mushrooms and pork chops!?

Recipe (if you can call it that):  mushrooms, 1 cup cottage cheese (I use fat free), 1 can of diced tomatoes (I highly recommend Chipotle flavored ones but any will be GREAT), I added a little bit of chickpea flour to thicken it up, then garlic, pepper, chili powder (just a tad)…
Directions in pictures!!  heehee

Dry saute-ing (how do you spell THAT?) the mushrooms:


Add cottage cheese when the mushrooms look yummy:


Then the canned tomatoes:


Stir and marvel at your creation:


It all starts to melt together (I am on a low simmer at this point) so you should play with it and decide if you’d like to add thickener (I did):


Then you serve it over something yummy – here a pork chop, but I’d love it with beef, chicken or turkey too!  Actually I’d like to eat it just like soup ;)


AND after I finished I was scooping up more of it out of the pan with my broccoli.  It tasted like cheese dip at a party!  And I’d like to feel bad about that but it’s almost all protein and nearly carb free, so how can I be sad about that?!

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