Today in Fitographer history :)

I thought it would be fun to feature blog posts from around this time in previous years… today in blog history sort of thing :)
I think it’s useful for you guys, because unless you’ve read every single post or you’ve been a subscriber since the beginning, you’ve likely missed some of the earlier ones.  And each year my fit journey changes, so it might be useful in YOUR part of the journey to hear perspectives from different years – things I found important to focus on at different times.

For instance, I pretty much have my food down (it’s not EASY by any means, but it is definitely more routine, so I don’t write about those struggles as much, if you follow me on Facebook you’ll see I write a lot about my workouts).

Well without further explanation here are some posts I found near September:    (well isn’t that fortunate!)  (hard to believe it’s been 3 yrs for this!)

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