Three Years and counting… my Fit-iversary!

It’s my Fit-iversary – something I celebrate every year (and hope I never stop!).  It marks three years (Jan 3, 2011) since I took that first big leap of faith toward a healthier and fitter me.  To be honest it was not a leap of faith so much as it was “I guess I’ll try this and cross my fingers “… and even after it started working I was fully expecting to have to that same thing every January.  I couldn’t imagine how I could change my “real life” so much that I’d keep that weight off, so I’d just endure January and February every year eating like a mouse.  Boy am I am glad I was wrong… well not “wrong” … I encountered so much support and had so many teachers that I learned to live another way, it’s still a fun and happy way, just a much healthier way.


You can read about what Year 1 and Year 2 brought me… This year I:

  • ran one more Warrior Dash that was so daunting I could literally not walk afterward – way too many hills for me!  But I finished, soles of my shoes falling off and everything!  Hubby and I even went out dancing that night (well we stood very still while we watched everyone else dance ;)   )
  • I ran a Diva Dash with my teenager – I didn’t go as fast as she would have liked but it was fun not being on the sidelines, doing something that was different and made her proud :)
  • deadlifted my own weight!  I’ve been lifting weights for a little over 2 years now but for some reason was very afraid to deadlift.  If finally convinced myself to try it and worked my way up to bodyweight – awesome feeling!
  • learned how to do pistol squats – and got 8 of them!  video!
  • went back to school for a passion that this journey (sorry Roy) has awakened -  in health sciences.  I have a math degree but our interests and our lives change over 20 years – so now I am taking A&P and Microbiology haha!
  • I also made it to a 15 year anniversary AND survived the first year of teen parenting!
  • met one of my bodybuilding role models – Erin Sternerinstern2013

I am also working on the only thing I put on my “before I turn 40″ fit-bucket-list … the dreaded one arm pushup.  It just looks cool to be honest but damn is it hard!  I’ve been working on it for months and still don’t feel anywhere near strong enough to do it – I have 2.5 months left!  There’s a lesson for goal-setting somewhere in here:  even if you are 99% sure you can’t hit your goal, don’t stop trying.  I think I’d rather get really really close than just give up :)   Video here haha

As I mentioned in Year 2, after the big weight loss phase, there aren’t a whole lot of visible changes.  I admit sometimes this is a downer motivation-wise.  When you can see clothing sizes getting smaller, pounds disappearing it’s pretty motivating to get your butt to the gym 5 days a week and put down the cookies.  I have to remind myself that all the effort maintains my fitness and overall bone/cardio/functional health (especially as I age aahhh)  and bring focus to things that are not so visible.  I am no longer on cholesterol medication, my resting heart rate (which can be an indicator of health) is in athlete range, I no longer take breaks while walking around the mall.  I also focus on accomplishments – like personal records in deadlifting, pushups, pullups.  You don’t get those by working out once every 2 weeks – it takes continuous effort – and that’s what gets my butt to the gym ;)

And I do things like review my year – in pictures and in words, so that I can see the progress I’ve made, and better yet, compare it to the image I used to have in my mind of what 40 would look and feel like ;) (hint: by comparison THIS is awesome)

… I gained 3 pounds of muscle (that’s a lot)

… I grew some baby biceps – my triceps love me, my biceps do not haha

… Baby got back – when I first lost weight my butt deflated and was so flat that my sister bought me booty padded underwear hahahaha, now I’ve got some of my own padding

… and I saw abs – I wanted to cry :)

… I invented an exercise – it’s called the beer squat :) proving IF you are dedicated you can turn anything into a fit activity :)


abs :)

babygotbackha  gunshow beersquat deadliftbodyweight divadash2013 warrior2013 whole

What’s next huh?  Well I’ve got my big 4-0 coming up soon along with that damn one arm pushup, and a trip to Puerto Rico in a bathing suit planned :)

I’d like to make a daring appearance in front of another photographer’s camera for a “real” fitness photo session, so I’ll be taking some strict time to get ready for that…

I am still loving lifting and haven’t nearly reached some of the personal records I’d like to, so I’ve got lots of work to keep me busy there.  Muscles Muscles here I come :)

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