This girl can run!

Well at the very least it’s a quick jog ;)

Some personal news in my get-fit journey… I would have never guessed I’d be writing a sentence such as the one that follows:  Yesterday I ran for 2.2 miles!

I’ve never really run … unless I was being chased.  Even in jr high I was “on” the track team and somehow managed to never actually run (I just never picked an event!) and I guess they were too busy with the volleyball team to worry about what us “runners” were doing every day and so as best I calculate the last time I ran anywhere was probably in elementary.

And on my get fit journey, which started the first if this year, I have managed to get myself into a pretty good habit of working out 5-6 days a week… but I prefer strength training and high intensity interval type stuff… and I was happy to learn that this is a great cardiovascular workout (gets my heart rate up to 175 every workout!) and it burns tons of calories (300 in 25 minutes is awesome!).   Jillian Michaels is my hero and kicks my butt around 8am every morning and I can thank her for some pretty awesome muscle tone!!

Recently though I gave my runner husband the gift of entering one race with him and so I needed to learn how to run – at least a small distance!  I made it one of my 4 week goals to learn to run at least 25 minutes without stopping.  It took me about 6 weeks to work up to it – 2 weeks more than I planned with a mini injury in the beginning in my hip.

But I can proudly say that I DID IT!

Even better than the health benefit is the confidence and ego boost you get from doing something you weren’t quite sure you could!   And in case you were thinking that I might have been in pretty good shape from my other exercise regimine… my first run was for a grueling 3 minutes… everything takes time and everything takes effort ;)

I feel strong and very much less afraid to try things that were previously on my “I don’t do that” list… so take heed fellow “I don’t do that” ers… don’t sell yourself short and let your goals be just a little bit scary… if you aren’t reaching far enough to be scared, you aren’t reaching far enough!

**Now I have to try for 30 – when I hit 30 minutes my BFF has promised me she’s gonna let Jillian kick her butt too!**

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