The Dr's Office (aka a new reason to celebrate!)

I am reminded this week that my journey (and my “new” life) has been for more than appearances – for more than a better self-image, self-respect, self-confidence.  Those are important things, don’t be fooled, and they come with achievement and setting and reaching goals more than they come from the mirror or the section of the store you can shop in…

BUT a deeper and more meaningful purpose for the life I aim to continue living is health.  And a recent trip to the doctor reminded me of that!

5 years ago I was diagnosed as having “borderline high” cholesterol.  It was explained to me that often diet and exercise do not correct this condition so I was urged to take medication.  When I started my fat loss part of my journey, all the changes were too much for my liver so we suspended the cholesterol medication (processed by the liver) to give it a rest while I continued to lose weight.  It had been 6 months so I went for a follow up to guage my need for the medication.

I fully expected for my cholesterol to be genetic and was prepared to go back on my medication without an argument so I really didn’t even have fingers crossed for the result  I got – I was elated for the surprise though!!!  …  the doctor’s call that I no longer needed medication!!!  I went from about a 235 down to a 185 in total cholesterol :)    Not just happy but encouraged that my new lifestyle has fixed more than my pants size!!!!!

Go forth and be fit -  be healthy !!! and have faith that in your quest for a better body, the insides are thanking you too!!!

**now what to buy with all this money I’ll be saving each month…. hmmmmm…. a new fitness book???**

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