And so we all know that THE BIG REWARD of all this effort and disclipine and loving of yourself and loving of nutritious foods is……. a healthier YOU…….

But once in a while you gotta reward yourself with a little something extra for meeting goals, sticking to your plan, working your butt off (literally).  And it is especially important with your likely past habit of rewarding yourself with something yummy, that you choose rewards that make you feel good and special that are NOT food!

Smaller goals might warrant a mani or pedi or a new outfit, bigger goals a trip out of town perhaps…. and I decided a few months ago that my BIG reward would be LASIK surgery!

And so 51 lbs down, a little past my biggest goal (so far), I am prepping for surgery in 11 short hours from now – yippee!!!

Feel free to clap and cheer – I am pushing aside the tendency to belittle myself for today and saying, with a small pat on the back (I can reach it now!):

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