Last call… the party's over

losing weight is difficult but it sure helps when you get little “boosts” along the way – little shots of motivation – and it can even become addictive to a degree:

  • that butterfly feeling and quasi cheerleader jump when you step on the scale and the number is less
  • that great feeling of pride, with a slight burning of embarrassment, when someone says OMG girl you have lost a LOT of weight!
  • the relief and joy and the small party you throw in the dressing room when you fit into the next size down in jeans – and the subsequent party you throw in your closet while you sift through all the stuff that “definitely will never fit me again” …

What happens when the party’s over?

I am scared out of my (very expensive but very well deserved) pants to be honest!  I’ve come to rely on that boost when someone who hasn’t seen me in a while drops their jaw in disbelief – I’ve come to be just a little sad the scale isn’t moving even though it is already in an “athletic” range… but at some point in your journey the goal to a certain number is reached, the goal to running a certain mile marker has been reached, you’ve thrown the party and bashfully accepted praise from friends  (secretly wishing they’d keep repeating it)  and now you are left alone in the deafening silence that lingers after any great party that you weren’t ready to end…

So what now?  what motivates you and makes you jump for joy?  what makes you get up early for that workout?  what makes you put down that donut?  what makes you challenge yourself, not just go through the motions?

I don’t really know the answer… I’ll attempt some guesses…

upkeep - that’s one goal that can NEVER be far from mind – and I think it’s something you have to consciously remind yourself of because it’s easy to get used to your “new” body and forget all about how hard it was to earn!  I remind myself religiously of where I was just one year ago and consciously think about how long it took me to change that.

new goals – trying something you’ve never tried before – for me this was running, but I can find loads of other things I’ve never done – p90x, leg pressing 200lbs, curling 20 lbs dumbells, doing one full on chin up…

getting REALLY good at something you have done -  turn 20 pushups into 100, running REALLY far (like 5 miles!), making shapes out of new muscles

learn, always learn – I am subscribed to several fitness blogs and constantly am reading and seeking information on areas of fitness that interest me.  I also surround myself with other people seeking to get or stay fit.  All this new information and inspiration is not just educational, it’s motivating – it keeps the fitness mindset going strong and gives me new things to work on and toward.

helping someone else – being a friend or mentor to someone who is just starting their journey, being a role model for someone else is about as motivating as it gets huh?  I am working my way to becoming a weight loss coach for this very reason (that… and I want EVERYONE to feel as good about themselves as I do right now!)

When I was drafting this post I was right in the middle of this “last call” crisis and I signed up for a 7 week weight lifting challenge! ( did you see this post?)  that will really get your motor going! And in March the hubs and I are signed up to do a muddy obstacle race… you have to seek these things out, be ready for the “last call” BEFORE it comes around and grips the motivation from you – I have  list of different goals I could use should I need a new one at some point!

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