The Hamburger

Just a fun little post about a hamburger…

Short story:  we hosted a soccer party with 40+ people and needed to buy ready-made and inexpensive patties to grill.  I thought to myself I’d just splurge and eat a “regular” hamburger – it couldn’t be THAT much worse after all… I was wrong.  And (thankfully) my habit of reading labels let me know that mama needed to buy a few turkey burgers instead.

Had I been at someone else’s home for the end of year soccer party I’d probaby know I would want to stay away from chips and cupcakes and soda, and I’d probably think to myself a hamburger isn’t the best thing I could possibly eat but it’s the best choice here – I might even be really good and omit the bun (not likely!).  But what I would never have guessed is that it would set me back THAT many calories.  Even with an educated guess, I would have never put a single patty at twice the calories as the other one.

It’s not really a post about never splurging … but rather the importance of being aware and knowing how easily and innocently you can get in the way of your own goals by not being aware.  It’s not about whether to choose one patty over another at the store, but the awareness of how much one choice can affect your whole plan.  If you LOVE a “regular” hamburger and are aware of your choice, go right ahead…personally I’d rather spend my splurge on something else and my reaction when I read a label lets me know that!

What brings this home for me the most (and why I share share share) is the many years I spent UNeducated about that stuff and blissfully (but “largely” – pun very intended) unaware of why my “good choices” were getting me no where.  I would have skipped the cupcakes and chips at the party and been utterly frustrated at why I was not dropping to a healthier weight.


**and yes I was made aware that the sodium in the turkey burger is high, there might have been an even better choice than this at the store, I didn’t look… BUT again, you read a label with your priorities in mind – sodium isn’t high on my list – what’s important is that you ARE aware**

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