the Easter bunny did it….

This is not something I should write about but ya know the dirty little secrets are just important as the prim and proper ones :)   confession – I am not perfect – I eat m&ms… I did not eat them for the better part of a year (which helped curb my cravings a LOT… lets call that detox),  BUT when I have calories left over and I just feel like being “bad” I eat m&ms.  They are not my favorite candy BUT they are extremely easy to count and dole out however many I have a budget for.

And today at Target they had single serving packs (which is really 2-4 servings for me) for 15 cents – thank you Easter bunny!!!  I bought more than a person should be embarrassed about buying – it will probably last me a year until my kids find the stash… But I love it because even 10 little m&ms can feel like such an indulgance and if that’s all I put in my bowl (often with oats or high fiber cereal to up the volume) I do not feel deprived at all!

Let me reiterate – I count those calories just like I do my chicken and salad and dressing – they are NOT freebies ;)   I am so thrilled to have found a way for me to have a treat now and again without jeopardizing my goals.  At first I really thought that chocolate and beer and chips and fried chicken would be forever banned from life (and it would be great if I actually did that but…) BUT I’ve learned that I can incorporate those things as treats, planned and accounted for, withOUT losing myself or my focus on goals.  Some goals I have are a little more hardcore and they certainly will be banned when I am working on those but you get the idea :)

Of course treats cannot be a daily thing, and I am glad I banned these things for a few months while I figured that out… but now it seems so liveable and manageable in a long term sense, and I wanted to share that with you.  When you are sitting in a puddle of tears lamenting about how you’ll “NEVER get to taste cake again, NEVER have fun again, oh nevermind it’s too hard I’m giving up”… the future is not that bleak and the new lifestyle isn’t so bad ;)

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