Thanksgiving – how ya gonna manage that!?

Thanksgiving is upon us – THE dieter’s dreaded holiday ;)

How does this chick plan to make it through?

I think it is perfectly acceptable to plan for one meal to be free from calorie thought and to enjoy your food holiday without going absolutely crazy about it!  Maybe that will be me next year :)   Just remember if you do that, the day before and the weekend after should be on your plan – you don’t get the whole 4 or 5 days “off” or you’ll be paying for it later!!!

For me…this will be my first Thanksgiving since I started my fitness focus AND on top of that I am signed up in a Holiday Get Fit challenge so I personally do not plan to take the day “off” or indulge even tho it’s a holiday. (This is also a personal challenge of my ability to navigate food- centered events while still having a great time.)  Turkey and good-for-me veggies will be great AND I am planning ahead so that I can afford to have 1 bite of 2 or 3 of my other favorite dishes.

I don’t have a fancy plan in place to trick myself thru Thanksgiving day, but I am holding on to this one thought:

Thanksgiving is about family and friends, not food :)

This will be my mantra for the day.  I will focus on visiting with family and not worrying so much about whether I tasted every dessert on the table – food is not my focus for the day!

And BTW – what’s one more great thing about Thanksgiving?  Turkey and sweet potatoes on sale!  This whole feast for under $12!!! hahahaha  already in my freezer…  15 lbs of sweet potatoes, 23 lb worth of turkeys :)

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