Thanksgiving time again!

I have a few posts to share about how I’ve managed Thanksgiving while working on my fit goals :)   I am sharing them for you as well as reminders for me!!

This was my first Tgiving DW (during weightloss) – I had signed up for a holiday transformation challenge that purposely covered Tgiving thru New Year’s. So my goal was to be ON point even on the holidays. It wasn’t that bad ;)
Even if you are not planning to be strict on that day it has some tips for not eating EVERYTHING in sight haha

And this is a post from my 2nd year AW (after weightloss) – this year I was a little more lax but still wanting to practice moderation. I list strategies for doing that :) The last paragraph explains why it’s important to ME to do that. A lot of people in the fitness community say “oh don’t worry about it, just practice moderation and you’ll be fine” but moderation is a different concept, and very different in practice, for a previously overweight person than it is for someone that’s been fit for years – I’m sorry but it just is… my version of moderation landed me 60# overweight… I didn’t eat boxes of Little Debbie’s at a time, I *thought* I WAS moderating… it’s not natural to everyone… some of us have to learn it (again and again haha) and practice it consciously.  Last year I went a bit overboard, not in one big binge mind you, but I moderated each day a little too much and gained about 3 pounds over the holiday – not bad but that kind of thing adds up!  And it kind of proves my theory that it is not something as natural to me a I’d like it to be…

Thought you’d enjoy a visual of my grocery sale muscle food at this time of year :)
What’s one more great thing about Thanksgiving? Turkey and sweet potatoes on sale! This whole feast for under $12!!! hahahaha already in my freezer… 15 lbs of sweet potatoes, 23 lb worth of turkeys :)   I’m going tomorrow for this year’s haul!

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