Your tastes will change… I promise :)

It’s the palate discussion again  because today I was reminded with unpleasant consequences that indeed your palate changes (and so does your digestive system!). (Read the first discussion too – I talk about how my palate started to change pretty quickly:  Cold Turkey)

Back story – I am currently trying to cut out evening carbs.  Mostly as a personal challenge because I find it frustrating that with everything I’ve done, this is tripping me up!  Plus I just wanna see if my abs are hiding behind that last serving of carbs ;)
So tonite for an evening snack, being tired of my regular snack, I thought I’d have something savory like an egg white omelet.  And since I had enough calories I was gonna load that sucker up with cheese – yes my friend, the full fat kind – Habanero flavored Jack to be exact.  Since my focus is on carbs, regarding protein and fat, I am throwing caution to the wind! (as long as it’s in calorie).

It was delicious, except for a weird slimy/sticky factor my tongue is not used to (the dairy fat)… and I used so much that now my tummy is a little queasy too.  I instantly knew it was from eating something I am no longer used to (1.5 yrs into my change in eating habits)… that darn cheese fat! ;)

And I thought I’d tell you this little story, not so that you can share in my indigestion, but as a ray of hope for you if you’re still at the “OMG I have to eat THAT?” stage in your eating change.  Your tongue, your taste buds, your palate, and your tummy WILL get used to the new foods you are not so fond of right now, and even balk a little at those oh so yummy foods that it won’t be used to in a few months from now.  Just have faith and keep on truckin! your body will thank you eventually!

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