Not sure you want to be a “LIFTER”? What you might not realize about getting stronger…

Never feel discouraged when someone says they ‘lift heavy weights’ and in your mind that means hundreds of pounds or the big big heavy dumbbells that weigh more than half of YOU. I am not that strong myself, I don’t squat like the women who are track and field athletes, and I don’t even come close to an “impressive” bench press!

You see, it’s about making the weight feel heavy for YOU. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 lbs or 200 lbs as long as it is challenging for YOU. So, you’re curling 10 lbs and feel like you’re dying? Good, that’s heavy! It’s not less heavy (or beneficial) for YOU just because someone else can lift more.  When people hit a number they are proud of they usually call it a PR – which means PERSONAL record – that’s what counts … your personal best!  And as long as it is challenging for you, your muscles will thank you :)

So on to the benefits…  strength training

  • increases bone density – can you say no to Osteoporosis?
  • helps boost the hormones that burn fat and control blood sugar
  • increases strength and balance for every day activity – prevent injuries!
  • builds muscle which helps burn more body fat – more  muscle mass requires more calories (um yes!)… skinny doesn’t do that – muscle does!
  • increases cardiovascular fitness (contrary to what you might think – my main form of exercise is strength training and I have developed a resting heart rate in the low 50s – down from the 90s – my doctor called it the heart of an athlete)

Read more here:
Or Google “benefits of strength training for women” and read 100 more articles!!

And one of my favorite benefits isn’t physical at all!   I talk a little about it here:
It’s the development of self-confidence, a growing trust in yourself that you are capable and tough, a feeling of accomplishment from triumph over challenge…it’s personal, and victory is yours!

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