Creamy Sriracha Chicken

I’ve posted a similar recipe before but this was yum and I thought deserved it’s own post :)
PLUS – I did a little visual for ya ;)

This is for one serving (yes I eat enough for probably 2, don’t judge me):
-4-6 oz chicken (if raw, heat it up until it’s cooked first)
-2 heaping spoons of fat free sour cream
-big squirt of Sriracha hot sauce (I used a lot and it still wasn’t that spicy – gives it that gorgeous color too!)
-1 oz reduced fat feta cheese
-black pepper to taste

Let chicken and broccoli warm and soften just a bit, add other ingredients in stages as shown in pic, simmer for 5-10 minutes

With the basic recipe you really can use any meat, any vegetables, any starch to mix it up :)

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