Enter our 30 day challenge – quick!

Sometimes I forget that when I post about stuff on Facebook, some of you won’t see it :)
Sooooo – we are hosting a 30 Day TRY SOMETHING NEW challenge.

Details are here (but you can also reply to this email and I’ll send ya the info).

In brief – You’ll choose something NEW to try (nutrition or exercise based – examples at the link above), and the challenge will run for 30 days – enough time to get over the whiny phase of trying something new, but not so long that it gets overwhelming :)   You can do anything for 30 days!

If you are interested in participating SEND ME AN EMAIL (just hit reply)

We will also form a discussion group for the duration of the challenge so it’s easy to chit chat with the other challengers to motivate each other, so you do need a FB account ;)

Gonna start soon so hurry!!


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