Someone’s famous ;) and a giveaway!!!

I got a really special (to me) surprise on Friday!
I had a not so great week and, in my morning ritual of coffee and facebook, a friend had messaged me how amazing it was that I was in Oxygen (women’s fitness magazine)whoa, wait, WHAT?!

I had no idea what she was talking about, especially since my busy week left me no time to read my copy, and it had been sitting under the coffee table for several days.
Excuse me while I BOLT DOWN THE STAIRS to investigate!

Flipping, flipping, flipping – finally page 22 – there I am in the bottom right corner doing my little pistol squat!

It’s just in the reader submission section, but it’s TOTALLY AWESOME! to me!! I was so excited, it made my week!

And now I am gonna celebrate that with you :)   Giveaway time, and hint, you get super big bonus points if you find me in the magazine !!!!!
*if the magazine is difficult for you to find – feel free to take a pic with the computer screen haha*

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