Simple, simple protein bars AND sooooo yummy!

These are the first protein bars I made and they are STILL my favorite – a little gooey with a sweet fix.  Super simple too – you’ll get a great arm workout mixing them but only 3 ingredients!!  I can’t believe I am just now putting them on the blog…

simple bars

Simple Bars

8 scoops protein powder (any flavor – my fav is chocolate)
3 cups oats or oatbran (sometimes I do 1/2 and 1/2)
1 package sugar-free, fat-free pudding (fav is chocolate but they have some awesome sounding puddings out there!)
1 cup water

Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl.  Add water slowly – start with 1 cup and if it is impossible to stir add a LITTLE more. You want it VERY thick so it will firm up – should be almost where you could pick it up in a ball!  And yes it is very difficult to stir – you kind of have to mash… you just don’t want it to be crumbly or it needs more water.

Spread in the bottom of a square pan/dish that’s been sprayed and coated with oats – this will be difficult – it is VERY sticky. I wet my hands and pat it to spread it around. Sprinkle a layer of oats on top so it won’t be sticky.

Place in the fridge overnight uncovered, remove carefully from pan (coax it out with a spatula) and cut into individual squares the next morning. Store in fridge in lidded container or bag between layers of wax paper.  This bar tastes best and has best texture cold so if you travel with it, keep it on ice.

(I cut into 16 bars)

16 bars = 135c, 15p, 15c, 2f (this changes if you use different ingredients)

try variations – coconut on top instead of oats, nuts, a hint of raspberry flavoring was pretty YUM, peanut butter – just be sure to count your extra calories :)

Baked variation:
same ingredients, just use 2 cups water instead of 1
Bake 350 for 20-30 min, start checking at 20, protein powder burns quickly – they should be firm to touch or you can check with toothpick.  Totally different flavor and texture baked but still pretty darn YUM!

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