Atta Girl/Boy! Shout Outs

I like to help celebrate milestones and big accomplishments on the facebook page but it was pointed out to me that not all the blog readers are “on” facebook…
So I decided to do an Atta Girl/Boy post here!


First congrats goes out to all my Fitographer challengers – we finished 6 weeks of friendly team competition and I simply am astonished that 42 women completed the challenge!! That is awesome!

Next Atta Girl goes to Team Hot Shots – who won the challenge!!  Earning the most points for their consistent dedication to nutrition and fitness goals – these ladies deserve some pats on the back :)

Which leads to a special SHOUT OUT to Linda – who earned the most individual points in that challenge, nevermind that she has been a grandma for over 13 years before she stepped foot inside a gym!  I won’t tell you how long she’s been a mama cuz that will shed light on *my* age ;)   Luv you mom!!!

Big Congrats goes out to Missy on her FIRST MARATHON, not to mention the pat on the back for coming in under 5 hours on her first attempt!  Awesome!!!

And Jennifer celebrated her ONE YEAR FITIVERSARY!  Losing over 70 pounds – she is an awesome inspiration and one of our favorite Fitographers!!

Jessica is celebrating 65 pounds toward her goal – you go girl!

Let’s not leave out the boys – Greg ran the same marathon mentioned above – not his first but a difficult feat nonetheless!  He even managed to do the dishes when he got home – ATTA BOY! ♥

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