“She believed she could …”


“She believed she could so she did”
I love that quote (obviously – you’ve seen the necklace I wear and sell – pssst  it’s on sale :)   )

BUT I have to admit, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes we don’t believe, unfortunately that usually also means “so she didn’t” :(

I certainly did not start out believing I could, or that even if I did that it would “work”. Heck I wasn’t sure I could stick to my diet for 2 whole months much less commit more than 45 minutes per week for exercise.** But what I’ve learned over my fit struggles and triumphs is that sometimes we just have to jump, work on small successes and SHOW ourselves that we can and should believe.

Sometimes the 1st few (or many) steps don’t come from a place of confidence and belief and positive thinking but rather from a state of “I’m not sure, it seems impossible, but I am gonna give it a shot, like a real shot, not half assed, not sorta kinda, but a jump in with both feet shot at it… and I am scared, but it won’t kill me, I know that, and I’m just gonna try”.   And then come a few wins, or at least a few get back up after you falls, and you do start to develop that “she believed she could so she did” mindset. It doesn’t make the challenge much easier, it just comes from a more peaceful starting place :)

**For the record, I’ve been eating my “healthy food” for 4.5 years now and probably average 4-5 hours of exercise each week ;)

But if you’ve been scrolling thru the same motivational pics and articles that I have, and feeling sort of hopeless because “if my success depends on believing I can do it, I’m screwed!” Don’t worry, you don’t have to be confident and self assured to make your move! The secret to success might be belief in yourself BUT you don’t have to have it right this moment to get started – just get something done, try your hardest, do your damnedest and look for the small successes!

Do what you would do IF you DID believe, pretending isn’t always bad ;) – the belief will come :) and that is an amazing transformation!

and if you need a little reminder – get yourself one of these ;)

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