Shame on me!

Soooo I’ve been really good about making fitness and eating goals for myself and following a well-researched action plan to reach that particular goal… there are slip-ups and misunderstandings about how to best get to a particular goal, but each day one step after another I find myself closer and closer….

Except I realize today that I had set 2 other goals for myself and am not “finding” time to work toward them :(   We all know how “finding” time goes… and we all know what it’s like to look up 5 years later and say “remember when I said… a long time ago… how I was going to do this and this and this…”

Well I am gonna follow my own advice on working toward goals (and the advice of several good books I’ve been reading lately!)

goal should be written, said outloud, real
A.  be certified as a weight management coach

B.  be a certified photographer

goal should be measureable
this one is easy – both goals require passing a test and getting a certificate! pretty measureable

deadline should be reasonable, goal should be big!
A.  weight management coaching – goal was to get this done over the next few weeks (BUT I put my goal in writing last week and lo and behold I got it done and am now certified!)

B.  I have to take some set up images that are outside the norm of what I do for sessions so I need to do this outside of a session – I am going to give myself 3 weeks to take new images and then another 2 weeks to select the entire portfolio that I will be sending in for judging (which includes examples of past work as well)

goal should be backed by a purpose bigger than the goal
A.  I want to help others start feeling better about themselves and I need to be certified so that I can start doing that as part of my daily life … and this thought hits me right in the heart  (paraphrasing cuz I can’t find the darn quote that put that thought in my head!!!) – your light is brightest when you share it with others – and I want to make sure my light never burns out!

B.  I want to show to myself and my clients, not that I’ve been judged a “good photographer”, but that I have the committment to my craft to put myself through the certification process, to continually educate myself and not stand stagnant

make small action steps that get you closer to the goal
A.   last week I put my goal in writing and then planned to load my course onto a portable computer so that I would not have access to WIFI as an excuse not to use little bits of extra time to study (done and it worked!).  My plan was to use spare time, such as the time spent waiting for kids to do their after school activities.

B.   action steps include planning out what images I will be taking and what extra equipment is required to accomplish them, gather equipment, set up between sessions and use my daughters as models so that I cannot use “no model” as an excuse to delay the project… further steps include looking through images and selecting potentials so that when I need to make my portfolio I will have a specific bundle of images to select from and not be overwhelmed and procrastinate!

And there you have it – goal setting and taking steps!!!  I’ll report to you the status of both these goals in the coming weeks…

What are you waiting to do?  Go make your goal and plan now!!!!!

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