See what you’re made of

I used to go to the gym and half-ass it to burn some calories (and by some I mean hardly any)… then I was challenged to do the SHRED.  I had no idea what I was in for, but I am not one to back down, unless it’s dangerous ya know :)
The first day I thought I’d die… I was ready to power down when she said “ok we are finished with the warm up” – OMG!  Day 2, 3 and 4 were worse, mostly because I was soooooo sore from day 1 that I could barely get around the house or into the car.  I powered through – I promised myself 30 days, and I can do almost anything for 30 days.

Eventually, I was making it through the warmup with flying colors, and I could sit down the next day.  I was even able to squat and press and crunch and push without stopping until the video did.  And by day 30, I’d seen IT.  I’m not talking about doing my first full on toes pushup (YES!) or lasting the full 30 seconds of jump squats (that is still a rough thing to do!), or even the tiny lines I imagined were muscles trying to surface…

I’d seen IT, the STUFF I WAS MADE OF, the STUFF that made me KNOW I was capable of more than I’d ever imagined.  It doesn’t matter specifically what I am (or you are) capable of, just that it’s MORE … more than I gave myself credit for… and right then those false-limits quieted down and a whole other world opened up to me.  It was a world where I said “hmmm I’ll try it” instead of “what? me? that’ll never happen”.  (well ya know I am sensible enough to know that some things are never gonna happen but bear with me here!)

And that is the moment I fell in love with training, esp strength training – because it shows you WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF!

And the stuff *I* am made of (and you are too) is the stuff that works hard without relenting, that goes for the difficult goal even if it will take a while, that knows if she works hard enough she can do just a little more than she “should” be able to do.  I’ve had a lot of victories that show me what I am made of, that I have “IT” in me to do just a little more than I ever thought (or that anyone else might think heehee).  It was in me when I did my first pushup – because it was HARD, and I worked for it BECAUSE IT WAS HARD!

I can’t squat or bench press or pull as much weight as someone else, but it doesn’t matter what anyone else can do – that’s the beauty of it – for me that one pushup was awesome and it still took THE STUFF to get it done.  To someone else it’s gonna be benching 400 pounds, and it’s gonna take THE STUFF to get that done too.

And it’s a great feeling to SEE WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF – I can’t liken another feeling to it, it’s just something you gotta experience. So I encourage you to reach inside and set your sights a little higher than the safe zone (don’t be ridiculous, but dream big) and work for it and do it!  And if you can’t, get as damned close as you can!  Obviously this isn’t just for fitness, but in my own life, fitness has been the most concrete way to experience it, to find it…

I’ve had a lot of stepping stones of accomplishment along the way – it’s kinda easy when you start where I did – no place to go but up!  But this past week I accomplished something I’ve been working on for more than a year.  I challenged myself to do it, and I might have set my sights a little too high because I almost didn’t get there but what’s the saying:

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.

A lot of hard work preparing, and a little extra luck on this day, and I got my ONE ARMED PUSHUP before my 40th birthday!!! (if you aren’t seeing a video you will want to run to the nearest computer ;) )

This isn’t going to be part of my workout regimine (too rough on my shoulders) – this was strictly to  SEE WHAT I AM MADE OF… but it did give me focus and one more reason to workout for a year so I’d say it was worth it :)   Plus I have a badass video and profile picture now ;)

Now onto another challenge, hmmmmmm

I’d love to hear about your WHAT I AM MADE OF moments!!!!!


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