Revenge of the NERD!

all in good fun I make this 20 yr reunion post :)   sometimes you just gotta be silly :)

So this requires a little backstory…
I was a straight A student and the valedictorian of my high school.  Don’t get too excited I grew up in a small Texas town and there were only 80 of us graduating that year.  (I did go on to graduate college summa cum laude in Math, so what the heck – I guess I AM a nerd!) I was in good shape and could hold my own in the looks department, BUT the valedictorian rarely is the popular girl or the girl that has to fight off the boys – the guys I dated were from other schools where they didn’t know about my “nerd” designation ;)   Point being – in their eyes I was and forever will be a NERD.  perhaps THE NERD.

{wow – the world needed a good photographer – somehow LifeTouch is alive and well in schools today though!}

I went on to marry quite a catch and have 2 beautiful children before I settled in to an uncomfortable state of overweight and inactivity (for the next 12 years) …  I attended my 10 yr reunion (no kidding in the middle of someone’s “back 40″) at my highest weight (the year in the pic below), which did no wonders for my previous nerdy reputation – add to that my career as a computer programmer and wow…

{this is my dad (not my hubby) – though he is quite a looker himself! }

So as our 20 year reunion approaches, I say BRING. IT. ON!  I am in better shape than I was when I graduated and a far cry from that 10 year reunion! I am not sure the opinions of people I knew 20 years ago makes a big impact on my life (or theirs), but it’s gonna feel a little bit AWESOME…  REVENGE OF THE NERD!

{heehee there’s my catch! ain’t he cute?!}

To the ones that didn’t want to date the nerd -
To the ones that whispered behind the nerd’s back -
|(but feel free to ask me how I got them tomorrow!)

To the BFFs that hung with me through nerdiness and boyfriends and heart break and husbands and kids and discovering our life’s passions (I escaped my programming desk and now photograph teeny tiny babies for a living !) and trying to reclaim our healthy selves – CHEERS!  We got it going on!!!

***oh yeah – and in honor of the 4 week road to the reunion, my bff and I are doing a 4 week no-excuses “hot mama challenge” – wanna join us – lemme know!!***

I should add – I am not defined by or stuck in my high school years, but being proud of the teenage hood that I had, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing :)   I really didn’t have it so bad ;) I totally have not lived my life wishing I’d been the cool kid, as far as I know the cool kids aren’t any better off today than I am (maybe worse?)… but ya know reunions are just such a great time to jest about all the cliches you see in movies! haha  When you get there, though you realize that whoever did whatever in their teen years, at our age we are all just trying to make a living and raise kids and be good people  – kind of evens up the playing field for everyone that has matured!!

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One Response to Revenge of the NERD!

  1. Jami says:

    you look amazing and should be so proud!!! you go girl! :) Knock em dead.