Repost – Start with just one change… breakfast!

Repost from 2013
The weekend got me thinking about food… and I know that everyone CAN change their eating habits to be fit and health-friendly… but sometimes the honest truth is that a particular person just may not be ready. It sounds so silly but that was me for a LONG time – I don’t know if I knew that about myself, but I do know that when I was ready it was GO TIME! and I was suddenly able to do a lot of things I previously said “I can’t…”

But for those lingering or trying to gear up for your GO TIME, maybe in the mean time you can think of one small change to make and perhaps it will become a habit!

I pick BREAKFAST – if you don’t already do this I want this to be your goal for a few weeks – eat a healthy breakfast.  And sorry, but “just coffee”, doesn’t count.  There are no excuses in this department – there are tasty options, time saving options, on the go options, and no brainer options.  I’ll let you google for yourself why breakfast can make or break your fitness plans (especially one with protein power!) … just know that it is an important habit!

I’ll put some breakfast suggestions that I’ve used below… you want something preferably with protein, carb and perhaps a little good fat.  Ditch that cereal (that I ate for 35 yrs straight) – you may as well eat a spoon of sugar unless it is completely made with whole grains…

Oatbran + protein powder, then add water or milk to the consistency I like! (i usually workout right after this so I don’t add fats until later in the day)
This is my breakfast almost every single morning! because it is easy, fast, tastes good, travels well, since it’s the same every morning I don’t have to think and because I don’t cook it there are no time or equipment excuses!   I’ve even mixed this sucker up in the car!  Some people would argue they can’t eat the same thing every day but I bet you eat a lot of the same things every day if you think about it ;)   Plus it works for me because I don’t cook, don’t plan, don’t think, don’t run out of ingredients…

Egg white omelet with tons of veggies and little cheese – this can be quite a LARGE breakfast cuz egg whites are so low in calorie but pretty bulky.  Seriously a 250 calorie serving if this dish can fill up a lumberjack!

Hard boiled eggs (I don’t eat the yolk personally) and whole grain toast – could add a smear of peanut butter or coconut oil

Protein shake with berries/veggies/or oatmeal added in – can add peanut butter for some fat

I used to have this every morning: protein powder and milk with a fruit on the side – this travels well too because I used to make little packets of protein powder and powdered milk so at any point I could just add water and have my meal or snack

Oatmeal with berries and eggs or some other protein

FAVORITE pancake: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup oatbran, 1/2 cup egg whites – can make in pancake form, or lately I’ve been baking a quadruple batch and cutting into bars (minus the banana), which if kept chilled travels well and I just eat them cold – YUM! I used this over the whole holiday when I was out of town and had my fav breakfast every morning!
Actually you could do this on the weekend and just reach in the fridge every morning and grab breakfast! (I just ate one for a snack!)

Heck – if you like meat for breakfast, chicken or steak or some leftover chili mixed in with eggs sounds good to me!

Ideas for protein power breakfasts for everyone! (no matter how busy you are)

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