Project Glutes!

I vowed to start writing here more often (I like the daily posting/musing on the FB page but I know some of you don’t see that every day).
I thought I’d start with a how-I’ve-been and what’s my most recent epiphany type post but decided to just jump in simple like with some tips for glutes!

If you DO follow the FB page I posted this non-scale-victory, and how sitting in lounge chairs right after weight loss, the skin used to make sort of a puddle under my butt … (now let me be clear about something- extra/loose skin IS a victory because it means you worked your a** off to burn off what WAS filling it up! but it is exciting when you figure out how to disguise it  too ;)   that is a great job for muscle, another post about that later)

I digress – back to the lounge chair story – thanks to patience and weight lifting, lots of that puddle has disappeared! It’s now supported by no-puddle muscle ;)   And I’m not even flexing!! Yay!


When I posted this, someone asked me how I got rid of (lessened) my “puddle”  … answer:
time mostly (I’ve been lifting for 4 yrs and there is no way around patience) but specifically for glutes I love bridges, hip thrusts, and my very FAVORITE (and for me most effective) is the GLUTE EXTENSION
[video of how I do them with links to instructions so you are using glutes, not back - if video not showing go visit the FB page, it's under videos ]

These are what I call glute extensions, because I do all the work with glute and ham, not lower back. The bench is lowered so I can bend at hips not back and Very careful to keep my lower back neutral so it doesn’t take the load, esp with this weight. I should feel the burn in my butt and legs.  I’ll credit these and a few other exercises for the glutes finally starting to develop. Nia Shanks has great instructions:

I also like single leg exercises – leg press, split squat
here is the split squat:


I know squats and lunges are popular, but I haven’t squatted with heavy weight in a long time, usually just use squats as finishers, and my body just doesn’t agree with lunges.

*you’ll also enjoy reading Bret Contreras (Fitness Page) – he specializes in glute development*


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