Weight loss, practical advice for getting started – Part 3 – Exercise

Part 1 of this small series on weight loss gave info about food and how to use it toward your fat loss goals.
Part 2 talked about ideas for food selection.  Not recipes… food selections.
In Part 3, we talk about exercise!

Before we talk about exercise I want to reiterate that if weight loss is your goal, you need to concentrate on your food!  You cannot make up for your food choices with exercise (my realization of this fact is the number one reason I was successful in my weightloss).  Exercise has a different function, which is very important, but 90% of weight loss is related to what goes into your mouth.   If you can only learn one lesson at a time, learn this one first.

Now – as I said exercise is important for your body and facilitates the way your body uses the food it eats (so it assists with weight loss).  So let’s get moving!


For your exercise – try to get at least 3 days a week.  When you exercise you should exert yourself, whatever that means for YOUR body.  But if you don’t feel like you did something hard, then you probably didn’t.

I also encourage you to do some sort of strength type exercise at least 2 of those times.  If you must do cardio every day then do some strength first (or pick a workout that combines the two – like the SHRED).  Strength training does not have to mean weights (although that is GREAT!) – there are plenty of bodyweight exercises you can do to work your muscles.  The list is huge but some of the great things about strength training for women is better bone health, better hormone production and balance, greater weight loss because of both hormonal balance and increased muscle, better insulin moderation, better body balance (warding off falls)…

If you want to work with weights and need a plan to get you started – reply to this email (or message me if you saw this blog post somewhere else) and I’ll send you something!

Some strength training ideas if you don’t work out with weights:

Jillian Michaels SHRED (or any of her other dvds really)
Fitnessblender.com (search for the type of work out you want to do and level)
On Pinterest – search bodyweight circuit

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