Spend your energy on the positive…

I have had the great opportunity to share my transformation with a number of people, and I do that in hopes of inspiring someone, anyone!  We see and hear a lot of transformation stories (if you are like me you seek them out!)… and for each person a different one resonates with them.  Maybe mine will do that for someone – at least I hope so!

So during one particularly public sharing, there was a lot of positive reaction and a very small number of negative.  My lifelong friends and cheerleaders through the ups and downs of life rushed to my rescue… I even made an abrupt attempt to defend myself, and then I realized IT’S NOT NECESSARY.


this was the shared image which some negative Nancy decided was not “really me” in the before picture haha

With 99% of the people giving positive feedback, appreciating it and using it to inspire their own efforts, asking questions that might help them elevate themselves to a better self, here we are paying attention to the 1% that brings negativity to the party… and mostly to themselves.  Instead of allowing themselves to be inspired, to make it a positive motive to their lives, they are busy picking it apart and belittling… but, my friend, I am already on the path to where I wanna go, so wave in passing and we’ll see ya later (but I doubt it)  ;)

This is true in general for our lives, don’t ya think?  “the teacher is unfair” “I can’t get ahead because my boss is a jerk” “that’s nice she got in shape but now she looks like a man (or a stick)”
In every situation imaginable, there will be grumpy Gus’s, people who have nothing but criticism to share, negativity to point out and dwell on … those aren’t generally the people you will meet at the finish line (of anything).   They use a LOT of energy to spin in circles.. so don’t be one of them!  I’d argue that those same situations present lessons, opportunities, tools you can use to improve your own lives – spend your energy to take those and apply them forward!!

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