Perspective – a lesson

Perspective – a lesson…
This popped up in my personal facebook timeline from 2 yrs ago:
“feeling thankful I used to be a computer programmer – as much as I hated it (loathed it, was nauseated by it) I am pretty sure the rather simple thing I just did for my websites because my database servers are down saved me from paying someone $500 or more to do (I am sure it is well into the thousands in 10 yrs of tending to these websites ;) ) I guess it was the path I was meant to walk for a little while “
I often look at that time as a waste – I ‘escaped’ 2 months shy of my 10 yr anniversary at that job, and that was my intention – I hated it so much I shuddered at the idea of receiving that 10 yr plaque -  it was just a tangible reminder of wasting a full decade of my life.
The post on my timeline above seems like a much better way of looking at it :)
And a lot of wonderful things happened during those years – probably the most wonderful that ever WILL happen – and even the job itself had great moments/aspects to it – nothing is black and white.
Occasionally I catch myself thinking this about my “overweight years” – what a waste, if I had only known what I know now, if I had only jumped on the train earlier – I do worry about what health effects that time has had that will show up later in life BUT without that period of life, without that struggle, I would not be who I am, where I am, wouldn’t have the tools that I have, the empathy and caring that I have for others’ struggles, the respect I have for the obstacles, the hard work, the strength I’ve discovered in myself for doing something difficult … I guess it was the path I was meant to walk for a while :)
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