Opportunity… and hard work…

I have officially lost my mind ;)

I earned a degree about 17 yrs ago without much thought to what I would do with it (math).  It brought with it good opportunities and a great start for our family.  I was a computer programmer for the Department of Defense for about 10 years, but it was not something I loved (or liked… heck I could barely tolerate it for a while).  But we are grateful that I had the opportunity for such a great job at a time when my husband was finishing up school and our babies were being born…

Then we moved, and I followed my passion into a full time job as a photographer and studio owner.  That is what I do today, and I LOVE my job – really LOVE it.  And I am grateful for that opportunity too – it pays much less but it so much richer in other ways.

The past few years I’ve had the good fortune to have other passions ignited that inspire me as well – for health and fitness… and in following that passion in my “spare” time, this girl decided to sign up for some college classes to do some learnin’ :)


I can’t lie – it’s scary!  I always did very well in school – I am good at it (or was)…  BUT the first time around I didn’t have kids, or a husband, or dogs, or a full time job… and I wasn’t all that interested in finding time to workout and eat right.  But to be honest those things are now my priority – it will be weird going to school knowing it’s important, but not at the top of the priority list.  Other things will continue to be more important and that’s gonna be a balancing act!  I’ll be “finding time” for this instead of “finding time” for other things.

Wish me luck!!!

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