My website struggles and your fitness…


My photography website has run for years on image software that works only for computer users – meaning mobile users couldn’t see my sample portrait galleries, just the studio information like pricing and that fun stuff – not ideal for a photographer’s website :)   (you knew I am a baby photographer right?)

BUT over the years I have invested a lot of work into building that website, and updating or changing software is a big risk in wrecking everything and bringing it totally crashing down – especially since it has YEARS of customizations built in (I used to be a computer programmer, you knew that too right?,  so I am not afraid to dabble but I also know the consequences of making risky changes).

Frankly the idea of working 16/7  to resuscitate it after a failed attempt is not very appealing to me, so it has been on the back burner – the one you reserve for the scary projects, the projects likely to back fire, the ones that might not work out…

Well yesterday I delved back in and started researching methods to convert these image galleries safely.  Someone must have come up with a magic pill by now right?  (can you see where I am going with this? how it is starting to relate to YOUR fitness journey).   No  luck with the magic pill thing, everything pointed to me having to just rebuild them all.

At once I had the solution ….. I deleted them ALL! I left myself no choice, no other option, but to update, start fresh, rebuild all the galleries, and work with a sliver of faith that *I* would be able to figure out how to salvage whatever happened  :)

And now… on mobile devices everywhere … the world can see the images on my website.  They are no longer lost in desktop computer land (aka last decade)  :)  

And I did that sh*t myself!! :)

That I managed to get it to work wasn’t the amazing or brave part – it was hitting that delete button in the beginning.  Actually I probably didn’t need to delete until I was sure the new one was working, but I knew that is what would get me in the game, off my tush, pot-committed … and done!

have you ever pushed that “delete” button (figuratively)?  is there something you need to push it for?

*surely you don’t need me to explain the metaphor/parable right???  ;) *

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