My date with Andre Agassi

Ok, this post is gonna take a little bit of following – it’s a bit random and the details are somewhat foggy haha

So the hubs and I were invited to attend a black tie event – don’t ask how, we aren’t quite sure how it worked out either.  The speaker for the evening was to be Andre Agassi.  To be honest I wasn’t particularly excited about that – I am not much of a sports enthusiast (ya know except for weightlifting and mud runs  :)   ).  But he started to speak, and I realized he’s a pretty inspiring guy!  And even though he was speaking on topics of educating our youth (it was a fundraiser for a renowned school) – I quickly understood how his words could be applied in the fitness world – how they spoke to my own experience in my struggle for fitness.

“Unfortunately” ………………  there was an open bar before the speaking commenced, and I knew I’d remember more about the wine than what he was talking about, so I grabbed the pen and paper (and one of the boutique chocolate bars) from my gift bag and scribbled a few notes.  I wish I had more than this to share, but I think even this little bit is worth it :)

“I woke up in a life I didn’t choose”
He said this regarding his rise to the top of his profession, his subsequent fall out of “1st place” and how he realized he wasn’t happy at either place.  He had an epiphany of sorts, that the reason he wasn’t happy is that he did not CHOOSE his life – circumstance did, other people did, his habitual actions did, but HE did not.   One day he woke up in a life he did not choose – bewildered, confused, disappointed…  And at that point, you can’t wish for a different life, lament the life you have, abandon the life you have, but “take ownership of it”, and choose consciously from that day forward to move from where you are to where you CHOOSE to be.


“At the top and at the bottom, when you wake up, it’s all the same… all you can do is work to get better, even when you are THE BEST, all that’s left is to work to be better.  Better than the day before.”
For us… it doesn’t matter if you are starting at 150 pounds or 500 pounds, it doesn’t matter if you struggle to bust out 1 squat or if you qualify to compete in the Crossfit Games or ran your 3rd marathon… we all have the same goal, we all have the same work ahead of us, we all have the same “to do list” when we wake up … to get better.  Don’t look down on yourself AND don’t look down on those below or above you.


It also means, don’t ever stop – there is always room to get better.  That may seem daunting, that there is no finish line, no place where you get to say “I’m done!”, but in another way it gives you purpose… the next goal gives you purpose.  Suppose you woke up on day with no goal to attend to, nothing to improve, nothing to work on or toward.  Goals give focus to your intentions, give purpose to your actions, give meaning to your life!





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