Motivation – what are you waiting for?

As you read this post I want you to really think about it – I mean really think about it…

MOTIVATION – do you really need it?

It sure helps when you have tough stuff to do… like workout AND say no to that cookie tray someone brought to work.  A keen sense of motivation can sure make those things just a tad bit easier.  BUT do you really need it?

A lot of people sit around and wait for motivation to STRIKE, or more aptly come through on a white horse and carry them effortlessly to their destination (goal).  It happens for some people (the “strike”, not the horse :)   ) but for most of us it serves as a stall – a waiting game.  And during the wait our health is worsening and we are wasting some pretty good years of our lives – not to mention the untold consequences we’ll be facing as we age because of the stress our bodies are enduring… all while we are waiting for the magic to happen.  Besides do you REALLY wanna wait for the heart attack or stroke to serve as your STRIKE?????

Then there are those of us that are motivated for a time to make some vast strides toward our goals!  And our progress feeds our motivation and it seems never-ending… until it does end and we find ourselves on the couch with a bag of oreos (did you know they started making CANDY CANE flavored oreos???)… anyway… we find ourselves on the couch with that bag saying to ourselves “I am just not motivated to be healthy right now…” and we enter the waiting game again :(

The truth is, motivation doesn’t last forever, it is always changing, and if we have true goals to reach, if we truly desire to be healthy people we have to acknowledge that AND do something about it.  We have to start asking ourselves if we NEED motivation to be HEALTHY!!!  are you “motivated” to brush your teeth?  are you “motivated” to get your yearly physical?  are you “motivated” to wear a seat belt?  (If you are a smart a** then I picture you sitting there shaking your head yes but it’s not the same kind of motivation and you know it.)  We do those things because they keep us healthy and keep us safe – at least as much as it is possible.

If you are allergic to peanuts – are you “motivated” to skip the peanut butter cookies?  do you think it’s easier for those people to say no to dessert?  of course not!  They aren’t motivated by a lofty goal, they just know saying “NO” keeps them healthy and safe.

I’d argue the same goes for exercise and our food choices… treat those things like toothbrushing and checkups… do them because they keep you healthy and safe, not just because you got inspired for a week :)


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