Everything in Moderation – right?

So I’m jumping right in the thick of it with a “my thoughts” post…  on moderation

Like beauty, moderation is in the eye of the beholder… as is “eating healthy”… you can moderate your way into weight gain and you can healthy eat your way there too.

Too much of anything (even moderation) is too much – there is just no way around math or physics – if you take in too many calories your body doesn’t care if it was moderated or healthy – calories you don’t use get stored as extra weight.

Your body doesn’t know that you COULD have had the entire bag of snickers and chose to only eat 3 of them  :)

At a buffet line I could argue that I moderated myself by only getting 1/2 serving of each thing I put on my plate… and so instead of consuming 3000 calories I only consumed 1500.  Since my dinner is alloted more like 500 calories I ate 1000 too many – that’s almost 1/3 of a pound my body will gain JUST FROM ONE *MODERATED* MEAL!

I’ve heard it a thousand times – moderation is key – you can’t deny yourself everything or you’ll binge later… that does NOT mean you should indulge yourself in every little craving or whim even if you only eat 1/2 of what you might normally eat (which to begin with was probably more like 5 times too much, if you are honest)

You have to moderate the moderation! If you are a friend’s get together and they have appetizers and desserts in addition to a very high caloric meal, you simply cannot pick a little of EVERYTHING chanting to yourself “moderation is key, moderation is key”.  You have to choose – is my craving today for that great jalapeno dip or the chocolate covered cake balls or the yummy brisket? Then indulge in THAT and only THAT, not some of everything you see.  And when I say indulge I mean a moderate serving!

Case in point – the other morning those doughnuts looked GOOD, my stomach was crying for one and I felt weak in the knees – haven’t had a donut in 8 months and an evil little voice in the back of my head said “hey girl – you’ve lost 50lbs, you deserve ONE donut!”  to which I replied “I deserve to NOT put that donut into this body after all I’ve done and I will indulge in ONE BITE – just for the taste and to show myself that a taste is all I need”  and I did just that.  And I was fine – craving squashed, diet not!

This is not to say I will never eat a whole donut in my life – when it becomes worth it to me to have to run for 40 minutes to work that darn donut off I may eat one, but that sounds like a lot of work to me!  How I picture it … someone chanting “moderation is key, moderation is key” while they down “just” one WHOLE donut AND “some” of the chips and dip AND “some” of the (very fatty) brisket AND, since I am here, put “just” a little macaroni and cheese on the plate.  You can call it moderation if you want, but don’t pretend you are going to lose weight that way :)

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