The Minimalist Guide to Weight Loss

There is a LOT, and I mean a LOT, of theory/opinion/how-to/dogmas/darn near religions on the subject of weight loss… and if you get in depth to find out the whys, many of them make perfect sense.  But for many of us – like those just starting on their path or those who claim to be too busy to even take a 5 minute walk, the questions of how much fat or carbs or magnesium containing leafy greens to eat in a day can be overwhelming – downright discouraging – and we end up muttering “bull-honkey” on our way to the ice cream in the freezer…

For YOU, here is the minimalist guide to weight loss -
I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – COUNT YOUR CALORIES!**
Before you balk because either A) you don’t like the idea of counting or B) you don’t like the idea of having to moderate yourself or C) you’ve read enough to know that the types of food you eat are just as or more important than the calories they contain let me answer your objection
A – too bad – do you like being in your current situation better?  nothing comes free or easy, at least things that matter – and your price for this one is that you have to do something you don’t like – count calories and get over it
B – reference A – do you like being in your current situation or do you think you can live with out that cookie for a greater cause?
C – true dat – a day filled with 1500 calories of cookies is probably going to be worse for your body than a day filled with 1500 calories of lean meat and some green veggies but this is the MINIMALIST guide (which means minimum) and besides I think you are smart enough to know if you choose healthy foods you’ll be better off no matter how many calories you are eating

The benefit of minimalist is 2 fold – it takes away your excuses (too busy, I don’t KNOW what to do, it’s all just too much etc) AND this is a very simple action you can learn use immediately. Once you get it down pat you can do some research about how to fill those calories in better and better ways, but until then at least you have a basic foundation to work with – after which I encourage you to read read read and take tiny steps to bigger levels of healthy eating.  You don’t have to do it all at once!  and if you do choose to stay minimalist at least you’ve done SOMETHING!

And there ya go – Minimalist Guide to weight loss!!

**If you need assistance deciding how many calories is appropriate for you I am glad to help you figure that out**

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