Merry FIT ME! 25 days of fit – you in?


I know it’s late in the game but I am thinking of doing 25 days of FIT ME for the holiday – and take myself back to the basics of when I started getting fit. The moderation is getting out of hand; the “slips” are becoming more frequent, the 90/10 more like 70/30.

It’s not because I need/want to look a certain way for the holidays but because as a gift to myself this year I need to feel like I’ve followed up on a promise I made to ME. AND it will be my 5 yr fit-iversary (wooohooo) after the holiday – seems like a great time for a fit booster!

Wanna join in?? I’ll make a group and come up with some basic “rules” – just request an invitation and bring your great attitude!

**getting so frustrated that only 10 people can see it at a time when I post on facebook so I apologize that I have to post multiple times so those who want to participate don’t miss out**

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