I was asked a question about not how I LOST weight, but how I’ve managed to keep it off for nearly 3 years.  In my struggle to do so, I realize this is an important part of the story.

I can’t point to one thing, but I think there are hints spattered around the blogs and stories I tell of my weight loss and why it was successful to begin with, in the lessons I’ve learned as a result of the last three+ years, in the random thoughts that cross my mind from thinking about what experience and a LOT of reading have taught me in that time…

But here’s a quick and dirty list of things I think are important in maintaining weight loss and that I’ll need to work on or keep up with if I hope to keep it up!

  • setting of new goals – I am like a dog chasing a fitness squirrel :)   Seriously, I am a creature of habit and I could do the same workout for 100 years without getting bored, but it’s those little goals (like a pushup or a pullup or deadlifting a certain number or running for 30 minutes) that keep it interesting for me.  I need a woooohoooo moment every once in a while to keep me excited about working out.  And the eating right follows closely behind because I know I can’t perform if I am eating danishes for breakfast.
  • keeping myself accountable – blog, facebook, my personal circles of fitness support friends, the challenges I run from fitographer – all these things keep me accountable cuz I feel like someone is watching, someone cares whether I reach my goals or not
  • surrounding myself with fitness – online friends, blogs, facebook, end of the night reading materials, magazines, articles – I enjoy these and it not only keeps me educated about fitness and nutrition but it keeps those ideas in my mind, makes the part of my daily life even if it’s not a workout day :)


  • having a plan – even if I am not trying to lose weight, I have always have a calorie goal that I am either loosely or strictly trying to adhere to59578_528783160475334_945367305_n
    and I always have a workout schedule whether it’s relaxed or strict, and I almost always have something I am working towards to give that workout a purpose
  • check ins – this kinda goes with being accountable but these are the specifics of accountability – weighing in (yes I use a scale – it’s tool, not a judgement – and I use it to see what direction I am headed not if it’s a magical number), measuring, taking pictures, logging my food to see if it’s “really” up to par
  • passing the flame – trying my best to inspire, ignite, push or drag people along who are interested in being inspired ;)   This is the best form of motivation I know of - and I didn’t realize that until it started happening… and it’s the selfish reason I keep writing this blog and sharing my story and sharing what I learn … because once in a blue moon, someone tells me “I find your blog so inspiring – it keeps me going” or “I have been doing what you said and I’ve lost 20 pounds” or “being in the challenges with you guys helped me stick to my plan and I just hit my goal weight!” and it feels so great that it KEEPS *ME*  in line!!!



If you’ve hit the “maintenance phase” – what do you find helps you? or what do you think you need to work on to make it last?  reply and let me know!!  I’ll add it to this post!

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