Luv Your Partner Challenge 2016!

A different kind of workout at Fit-ographer! A relationship workout!
Fit-ographer is hosting a fun 7 day challenge for all you LADIES with a significant other…challenge theme is LOVE IS A VERB!

Luv Your Partner

About The Mini “Luv Your Partner” Challenge

Being married for 17 years, I will be the first to tell you – it ain’t always easy – and with kids and dogs and bills (and workouts!), “relationship work” isn’t always on the top of the to do list. We are changing that for a few days! The challenge provides a fun way to remember how to treat the one you love and hopefully help that flame burn a little brighter. It’s also a good way to remember how to be selfless and do for someone else without expecting in return. After all LOVE IS A VERB – it’s something you do, and it takes practice!


For our mini “Luv Your Partner” challenge, you commit to do 5 fun and flirty activities over 7 days – things like love notes or making a list of reasons you are proud of your other half- and you’ll check in to let us know that you completed the task – we will have a private group to discuss or brainstorm ideas for others to try! The activities are simple – heck I just started my last semester of nursing school, and I’ll make time for them ;)   I’ve hosted this challenge a few times before and it is always lots of fun!!

There are 5 projects and you will have 7 days to complete them. They are meant to be spaced out – don’t do all of them on one day! The idea is to LUV YOUR PARTNER, so you are expected to complete the projects without saying it’s “for a challenge” AND (this is important) even if you are angry, irritated, or otherwise feel he doesn’t “deserve” it – LUV is not something we give only when someone deserves it and that is part of the challenge (and the personal growth on your part) !!!

We will try to start Monday, Feb 1…  so join in now to get prepared!

Sign up just by letting me know via email or message me from the FB page so I can send you links to the group where the tasks will be posted. Grab a girlfriend to sign up too, cuz it’s more fun the more people we have!!
*please only sign up of you will participate – it’s only 7 days!*


Concerns I had – and you may have too:

What has he done for me lately?
I learned the hard way that relationships can’t work like that – someone has to be first. And if you start acting out of love you won’t have keep score but it will likely come back to you.  You can’t say I tried this or that and he didn’t respond – that’s not a productive mentality – you try that because you love him, not to get a reward :)

He doesn’t deserve it!
Love is not something you give when deserved :) Plain and simple! My kids don’t deserve a toy or a treat some days – but they are loved 24/7 – that’s called unconditional love and marriage is the same way. It is harder than it sounds – but doing these simple things as a project or challenge makes them easier to do! If you need to vent to do it, that’s what us ladies in the fb group are for!!

But I don’t have a husband!
You don’t have to be married – just have a significant other :)

What if I do something loving and he doesn’t respond?
That’s the risk of relationships isn’t it?  Even after 20 years, every act of love is a risk if it’s truly an act of love not strategy – which is open and vulnerable (you need to read Brene Brown heehee).  Besides this may be what’s holding both of you back from those small kindnesses is the fear of it being ignored or rejected.  Someone’s gotta jump first :)   And if you leave him a note and he doesn’t gush about it, still no one got hurt – you probably made HIS day and that’s what it was about right?  Leave your pride at the door :)

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