Little Diet Secrets – shhhhhh….

Dieters can be creatively resourceful when needing to find substitutes for their favs or just finding that perfect treat or trick to get them through – this information proves useful even if you are not dieting because any calorie you can save is one you don’t have to burn later! hahahaha

I’ve convinced a few to spill their favorite “secret” that gets them thru the day or has made a big difference in their calorie intake:

Coffee flavored syrups are for more than just coffee!
Use to sweeten oatmeal, mash it into sweet potatoes, in hot tea, along with cocoa powder to make a perfect cup of hot cocoa…  (like these:   sugar free of course!)

Walden farms syrup (and other products)… zero calorie everything to add some zest or sweet to your foods without adding the extra calories – thanks Jessica!

Switching to non-fat coffee creamer -  my new friend Shannon Wyatt tells me that she didn’t really count the coffee creamer she was using because she thought she used so little of it (she didn’t read my post on measuring huh???)… kidding aside, she switched to non-fat creamer and lost 4 lbs!

Non fat cottage cheese – a staple in my fridge… I use this to cook with and add a creamy texture and cheesy taste – goes with with spinach and mushrooms, with chicken, even with pasta.  Unlike other nonfat cheeses, this melts and gets nice and gooey  (gets ya in some extra protein too!)

Joseph’s Bakery Oatbran and Flax pitas -  (have only seen these at Walmart but they are also online)  pita bread but I use them like a large tortilla, only 60 calories (compared to 100-200 for 2 slices of bread) and full of good for you ingredients, they are perfect with a squeeze of mustard, 3 slices of lean ham, fat free swiss cheese and a handful of shredded lettuce (165 cal for my lunch!)  Again Jessica to the rescue!

Salad wonders - dressing ideas that take the calories out and yummy in:

  • mix greek yogurt and salsa
  • mix fat free ranch and salsa
  • salsa alone
  • buffalo sauce (again look for calorie content)
  • buffalo mixed with fat free blue cheese
  • lower calorie bbq sauces (usually on a warm salad tastes best)
  • simmer your chosen meat in salsa or bbq sauce before throwing it (and yes some extra of the simmering juice) on top of cold, crisp lettuce

**I’ll be adding more to this post so bookmark it!  and feel free to share your own secrets with me at debi @ and I’ll post them too!**

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