Lift Them Up – get your lift on to lift others…



“Strength is best used to lift others” (me)… I want you to lift others by getting your own lift on!

A cause that is close to my heart is helping those who suffer domestic violence and supporting organizations that work to end it … I have a big blog post under construction to tell you why it’s important to me, but it’s exhausting to write.  A recent tragedy in my neighborhood has brought this issue to the forefront, and I think the best way to honor the loss is to champion the cause…

So I am hosting a little fundraiser!  For your donation – you get a copy of my lifting workout!  ALL proceeds will be donated to my local women’s shelter.  This is the workout I’ve been doing for the last 2 months (and with breaks in between, really the last year).  I love it! It’s an upper/lower split with different emphasis each day.  This is a weight-lifting based workout, though you can google at home or bodyweight substitutions or more/less difficult variations.

*Please note, this is a workout plan I devised for myself and I am sharing it – I am not training you and I am not expressing that I think you are capable or medically able to perform any exercise  :) *

Choose the amount you are willing to donate, and you’ll download the workout after  :)

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ALL proceeds will be donated to my local women’s shelter in honor of Angela and the Stay Family.  (I’ll  even post a copy of the receipt after I’ve sent the donation).


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