License to drive!

It feels a little more real today ;)
I HAPPILY waited at the drivers license office for 1.5 hours today {along with crying kids, smelly adults, and questionable wardrobes} for my NEW LICENSE!

My old license is 12 yrs old and happens to be from THE year that my weight issues started – I could not wait to get rid of that picture! (excuse the ill-advised “I am still on maternity leave so let’s do something crazy” perm…)

The workers at the DL office have earned their stereotype of being rude and unhelpful – except the lady at my counter :)   She made my day – they ask for height and weight (not sure why because it is not reflective of how you might look in another 5 yrs!) – and for the first time I wasn’t embarrassed to say it outloud!
I am assuming my previous weight was already in there – or else she just noticed the difference in pictures… either way she commented on how much weight I lost and took my picture TWICE and fixed my hair (a little – cuz it’s still pretty scary looking) cuz she didn’t want me to be stuck with an ugly pic for another 12 yrs – how nice is that?!

Really it just made my day – and I cannot wait until my replacement comes in the mail so I can start complaining about how my hair looks in my picture instead of … well… other things ;) – will share when I have it!
As promised – some improvement (and they made me look tan!) heehee

PS – side note – always a lesson to be learned… even in a busy, crappy day EVERYONE can take the time to do and say something nice for someone else.  This lady has every reason to rush through my particular transaction with 2000 other people waiting to be served, yet she took the time to say “hey girl, you look fab!” ;)   take that and run with it!!

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