Let’s Talk about Breakfast!

Breakfast – just gonna talk about some ideas for protein fuel to start the day!
If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know how I feel about protein ;)
Had some help from friends coming up with the list.  These are just ideas, not recipes, but I am sure you can google something up!

You’ll see some categories for ease-of-preparation, or degrees of laziness – however you prefer to look at it.  I generally fall in the quick and simple myself – I don’t even want to have to wash a blender.
For the “I love to cook when I wake up -ers”

  • Scrambled eggs – addons: veggies, oats, spices
  • Omlets
  • Egg based pancakes – oats + egg whites, oats + egg whites + cottage cheese, protein powder + egg whites
  • Fancy protein shakes – get out the blender and get creative (nut butters, fruits, spinach)
  • oatmeal smoothie (cook oatmeal with water in microwave. Put in blender with cinnamon, stevia and some ice, add water if needed ….tastes like “arroz con leche” or “horchata”)
  • protein powder based pancakes

For the “I need something quick and simple -ers”

  • Oatmeal – can’t get simpler!  protein powder + oats (30 seconds in micro w water or just raw) – (my favorite and my breakfast 90% of the time is oatbran+protein powder+dash almond milk, let sit for 5 min and eat it up!)  addons:  fruit, flax, oils
  • liquid egg white smoothies:  strawberry + banana , banana + pineapple + coconut oil (tastes just like a pina colada hmmmm)
  • Boiled eggs
  • Greek yogurt
  • fruit and fat free cheese or cottage cheese
    Plus the same suggestions for “taking out the door” below…

simple bars fit-ographer.com

For the “I need something to take out the door -ers”

  • This is where protein bars come in handy – either store bought or homemade
  • Make a batch of cottage cheese pancake bars and grab one on the way out the door (I leave out the banana and store these in the fridge for quick grab – can heat it up but I just eat it cold!)
  • Protein shakes work well here too (can even just pack the powder and add the water when it’s time to drink)
  • egg white and veggie muffins (or any protein muffin recipe) – make ahead and grab one out the door
  • boiled eggs again :)

For the “I’d rather stop and buy something -ers”

  • scrambled eggs (just ask whether they scramble with butter – better yet can they use egg whites?)
  • oatmeal (even McD has oatmeal!)
  • Subway has breakfast sandwiches (try the egg white!)
  • boiled eggs (one time I ate 6 of these cuz that’s what our hotel had besides waffles – note – 6 might be too many)
  • greek yogurt
  • protein bar or shake from store (I hope you are rich)
  • apparently Starbucks has a “protein snack plate”
  • chicken sandwich or chicken salad (you can eat it for breakfast if you want!)

Several of these are adjustable – meaning if you need less carbs, add less of that to the meal or recipe you are using, if you need more fat in your day add some healthy coconut oil to the recipe or slathered on a sandwich or pancake, even mixed into your smoothie

**If you think of something helpful to add, email me and I’ll try to get it in here so future readers have some great ideas!**


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